Diminution Reports

What is diminution?

Auto Assess Limited

If a vehicle is damaged in an accident and then repaired, it can be argued that the vehicle is worth less than it was before the accident. This can depend on a range of factors such as the type of damage sustained, the calibre of the vehicle and the uniqueness of the vehicle.

For example, if you had to choose between two identical vehicles, one had been in an accident and repaired, and one had never been damaged, which would you choose?

Or think about it like this; if you had an antique vase worth $1000 for example, you dropped it and then glued it back together. The vase is still a vase, it holds water and flowers, but is it still worth $1000? This is a scenario a UK Judge used when he ruled that an accident damaged vehicle had suffered diminution.

Some vehicles will suffer a loss of value because they have been involved in an accident. Each case is unique, but it is possible to calculate a reduction in value - we are experts in diminution, please contact us to discuss whether your vehicle has experienced diminution.

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